Aco neo Wireless Handheld Ultrasound

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Aco and UMI

Aco Smartcare, a leader in handheld ultrasound, partners with UMI, enhancing expertise in design and manufacturing. Aco's self-driven R&D covers comprehensive medical ultrasound solutions – software, hardware, sensing modules, and storage. With a top-tier supply chain and quality management, we consistently deliver high-quality products. Committed to post-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Clinical Videos

C62 Aorta

C62 Liver

L154 Flexor Tendon

P42 Transcranial

P42 Cardiac

L154 Medial Gastrocnemius


Dr. Hsin-Kuo Wang. PhDProfessor and Adjunct Physical Therapist

Its portability and image quality can be ideal for ultrasound education in the musculoskeletal application. Its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly make full use of it, even for a beginner. I believe neo can be a big help to the medical education system and to healthcare by providing a consistent device to improve working efficiency in the workforce.

Dr. Kuo-Chih Chen. Director/Instructor Attending Physician in Emergency Department

Neo offers immediate intervention results for me to quickly scan and evaluate patients’ conditions and to provide rapid decisions for better patient care. On the other hand, this device can be beneficial to medical hands-on training. It is a great device for me when I am teaching POCUS and guided vascular procedures courses.

Dr. Charles Chen. Director of Ultrasound Training Programs in IRCAD Taiwan Attending Physician in Emergency Department

I am impressed with the grip ability of the probe and its functionality of the software application. It has different presets for different applications. It’s a great device to meet clinical needs and can be applicable to medical training programs.