Philips Lumify Handheld Ultrasound

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Philips and UMI

Philips Healthcare and UMI (Unified Medical Imaging) are collaborating to elevate healthcare solutions, focusing on the revolutionary Philips Lumify ultrasound technology. This partnership merges Philips' expertise in innovative healthcare systems with UMI's proficiency in unified medical imaging. The goal is to pioneer advancements in diagnostic imaging and patient care, leveraging the portable and accessible Lumify ultrasound. Together, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology, providing state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions, and enhancing patient outcomes through the transformative capabilities of Philips Lumify ultrasound.

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Dr. Phil Lee, Anesthesiology

“... Lumify certainly has superior image quality, design and functionality.”

Dr. Ben Smith, Emergency Medicine

“The use of Lumify during resuscitation has the potential to minimize pauses in chest compressions ...”

Dr. Darren Braude, Emergency Medicine

“Lumify has excellent image quality and is easy to use.”

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