EchoNous Kosmos Ultraportable Ultrasound

EchoNous revolutionizes ultraportable point-of-care ultrasound with cutting-edge real-time AI technology and analysis.

EchoNous and UMI

Pioneering innovation in healthcare, artificial intelligence, industrial design, manufacturing, and software engineering, EchoNous seamlessly blends expertise. Whether handling the probe or navigating tools in hospital settings, our human-centric approach to medical technology places patients and practitioners at the forefront of product design. This dedication ensures that our accessible, AI-driven imaging devices not only deliver exceptional functionality but also empower nurses and physicians, fostering success. Discover our revolutionary medical technology, designed for excellence at the intersection of diverse domains, on our platform.

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Dr. Adrian Wong, Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesia

“[With Kosmos] the feedback is immediate, so you don't have to go away and reflect or get a mentor to critique your scan. The software can provide feedback to you in real-time.

Dr. Andre Kumar, Clinical Associate Professor, MS, MEd

“Technology like this can have an enormous impact on healthcare by boosting expertise and helping to enhance the skills we need”

Dr. Mark Favot, MD

“In the ED, 90% if our POCUS exams are abdominal, lung, cardiac or guided vascular access procedures…Not only can the Kosmos transducers and features easily satisfy those needs, but the AI on the system provides additional assistance for novice users and helps improve our efficient when it comes to quickly calculating an ejection fraction”

Dr. Gregorio Romero Gonzalez, Nephrologist 

“Kosmos allows AI to support the clinician to obtain great needs for the correct clinical integration, one of the main objectives of the point of care sonographer”

Matt Wall, BSN, RN, CPEN

“When you have the chance to bring cutting-edge ultrasound into this environment it can be game changing”

Dr. Manpreet S. Malik, MD, SFHM 

“I was impressed with the portability, versatility and reliability of the device in both clinical and teaching environments